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Body Contour Surgery

What is Body Contour Surgery?

Surgical body contouring following major weight loss removes excess sagging fat and skin while improving the shape of the underlying support tissue. The complete body contouring process includes liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, and other procedures as necessary on a case by case basis. The result is a more normal appearance with smoother contours.


What is the recovery time?

During your recovery from body contouring surgery, dressings or bandages will be applied to your incisions following the procedure. Small, thin tubes may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect. You may be instructed to avoid bending, straining or lifting for several days.

What are the benefits of Body Contour Surgery?

  • Improved Body Proportions: Body contouring surgery can create a more balanced and proportionate figure by removing excess skin and fat.

  • Enhanced Self-Confidence: Many individuals experience increased self-esteem and body image satisfaction after body contouring.

  • Clothing Fit: Enjoy the ability to wear clothing more comfortably and confidently, including form-fitting attire.

  • Reduced Skin Laxity: Body contouring can address loose or sagging skin, especially after significant weight loss or pregnancy.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Removing excess skin and fat can improve physical comfort and mobility.

  • Youthful Appearance: Body contouring procedures can rejuvenate your body’s appearance and create a more youthful look.

  • Customizable: Body contouring can be tailored to address specific areas of concern, such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, or buttocks.

  • Minimal Scarring: While there will be scars, they are typically well-concealed and fade over time.

  • Long-Lasting Results: With proper post-operative care and a healthy lifestyle, body contouring provides enduring results.

  • Health Benefits: In some cases, body contouring surgery can alleviate physical discomfort, such as skin chafing or irritation.

  • Psychological Well-Being: Improved body image and physical comfort often lead to enhanced emotional well-being.

  • Post-Bariatric Surgery: Body contouring is commonly performed after significant weight loss to remove excess skin and complete the transformation.

Always consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your specific concerns, goals, and potential risks before considering body contouring surgery.

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