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Chin Augmentation

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin Augmentation, or mentoplasty, enhances facial contours and balance by creating more definition and projection for weak chins. This surgical procedure improves the overall facial profile and accentuates the eyes for a more elegant appearance. Surgeons can achieve this either by inserting an implant or by reshaping bones.

What is the recovery time?

After chin augmentation, most patients find their external bandages come off within a week. Additionally, some may need to wear a brace during sleep for a few weeks. Although light activities are permissible on the day of the surgery, a total return to work and usual routines generally takes about 5–7 days.

What are the benefits of getting a Chin Augmentation?

  • Balanced Facial Features: Patients often achieve improved facial symmetry by enhancing the chin’s proportions.

  • Profile Enhancement: It can effectively correct a weak or recessed chin, leading to a more robust facial profile.

  • Youthful Look: A proportioned chin often lends a more youthful and balanced facial appearance.

  • Options for Everyone: Beyond surgical interventions, non-surgical chin augmentation procedures offer swift recovery and less downtime.

  • Tailored for You: Surgeons customize the procedure to match your unique desires and facial structure.

  • Confidence Boost: Post-procedure, many individuals report a surge in self-confidence and satisfaction with their new look.

  • Longevity: The results from surgical chin augmentation often last for years.

  • Discreet Procedure: Typically, surgeons make incisions discreetly, either hidden under the chin or within the mouth, minimizing visible scars.

  • Versatility: From addressing weak and receding chins to correcting asymmetry, chin augmentation serves various needs.

  • Synergy with Other Procedures: Often, patients pair chin augmentation with other facial surgeries, like rhinoplasty, for a harmonious facial appearance.

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